Customer Growth Journey with Unlimited Product Solutions: Flying High and Fast With Frank Walter

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While average industry growth is around 5%, the commonsku distributor averages around 20%. We’re passionate about growth. It’s why we exist, to help entrepreneurs grow quicker, faster, and with less stress and more joy in their work. This is a new series that highlights the journey of our clients and how changes to their structure and their systems ignite exponential growth.


“I’ve been able to be a better father, husband, and everything because I’m more present, you guys have simplified my life.”


Frank Walter, founder and CEO of Unlimited Product Solutions is just two years into the business and loves it. I called Frank because his growth was insane, he seemed to be taking off like a rocket. The minute we get on the call, Frank says:

Hey, can you hold for a minute? My biggest customer just called.

Damn right I’ll hold. (Hold music. Me, wondering how big the project is).

Okay, I’m back. Working on a big deal right now. I was just a year into the business when I got a $90,000 order from this customer.

Whoa. $90,000 just two years in?! How did you get your start?

We met someone in the business and I was intrigued, but it was a rocky start. I started this company with a friend, we were going to attempt this adventure together. And then he had a nervous breakdown. He stole money out of the bank account, messed up orders and disappeared.  I woke up the next morning to vendors emailing me asking about payments that wouldn’t go through. Long story short, I ended up fixing everything somehow, someway, and I made it through. Business then really started pouring in. Pouring in. It was amazing.

How has commonsku helped you see success so quickly?

When I first started, I was doing things like invoicing on my own, running invoices through spreadsheets with multiple formulas. I was so busy doing business I didn’t even know what my average margin was, I knew where my margins needed to be, but I couldn’t calculate it easily. Once I got on commonsku, I was able to see that my margins were at 21%, which I knew was horrible, but knowing that number helped me. In the four short months since I’ve been on the platform, I got my margins up to 35%. Why do I love it? Because it keeps my margins high. It’s saving me time and making me more money.

How has it helped you adapt to the business?

Everything is just so simple. The design, the customer experience, it makes everything simple but serious and just looks good. Light years ahead of what I was doing. In fact, when I first got into the business, I told my business partner, ‘Forget working in the industry, let’s create a system or a CRM, we should come up with a system that simplifies all of this, the QuickBooks invoicing, the sourcing, everything.’ It was crazy to find out that you guys literally had built it all and more, I came over to commonsku because you guys had built it and built it better than I was going to build it.

What has commonsku powered you to do that you weren’t doing before?

Literally, you guys have cut my time in half. More than half because the sourcing and production is so simple. I can do an order in three minutes, have it sourced, sent to the client … boom, boom, boom, we’re done. Before, I had to open up multiple programs, rekey info, it was too much. I’ve been able to be a better father, husband, and everything and because I’m more present, you guys have simplified my life.

What’s your favorite feature?

I love sending the smart gallery presentations, the presentations are gorgeous, what you have looks better than anything else. But one of the best things is the customer interaction, it cuts down and clarifies the communication between me and my clients about an order. It helps with accuracy, eliminates the fear about making mistakes, and everything can be done through commonsku. I love it when they hit the approve button and we’re done.

Are you enjoying the business?

I love it. I love it. Listen, it can be tough. People can be tough, but I’m learning there are two types of people, people who want solid merch and a great experience and the people who are just looking for cheap stuff, I’ve learned to navigate to the right type. And I’m looking forward to growing even more.


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