Epsiode 113: Gen Z with Aly

1 min read

“Now a new generation of influencers has come on the scene. Members of Gen Z—loosely, people born from 1995 to 2010— are true digital natives: from earliest youth, they have been exposed to the internet, to social networks, and to mobile systems. That context has produced a hypercognitive generation very comfortable with collecting and cross-referencing many sources of information and with integrating virtual and offline experiences.” – McKinsey & Co.

The McKinsey study revealed four core Gen Z behaviors, all anchored in one element: This generation’s search for truth. Gen Zers value individual expression and avoid labels. They mobilize themselves for a variety of causes. They believe profoundly in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and improve the world. Finally, they make decisions and relate to institutions in a highly analytical and pragmatic way.

Today’s conversation is with Aly Brunton, commonsku’s Marketing and Event Coordinator, you’ve met Aly if you’ve attended our events or interacted with us on social, she’s an incredibly articulate (if not reluctant) voice for Gen Z, the generation that by 2020 is expected to account for about 40% of all consumers.

This is a generation we cannot afford to ignore and for those who are fatigued by the millennial conversation, hang tight with us because I think you’ll see some fascinating distinctions as we seek to understand what this generation means to our companies and to the customers we serve

Join Aly and I as we talk about this first generation of true digital natives and their impact on the world.

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