Easy Over Everything: Simplifying Your Sales Process (A skucamp NOLA Video)

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skucamp NOLA was an enriching experience for those who attended and we’ve captured a part of the magic just so that we can bring it to those who weren’t able to make it. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing some of the videos of our sessions from skucamp New Orleans. Enjoy the learning and share these with your team! 

Born in Russia, Jake and his family immigrated to the United States when he was 3 years old with $500 in their pockets. With his aunt as their sponsor, they lived in a 1 bedroom apartment with another family of 4.

Raised in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Jake knew his whole life he would be in sales. He feels his only real talent is being able to read and understand people. At 15 years old (1 year before you are legally able to work in Illinois), Jake was hired for a job at Circuit City part-time. In his first year, he had the second largest sales volume in the store, and by 16, he had the highest warranty sales. Just into college, Jake was recruited by a real estate developer and then by the GM of a Nissan dealership, where he achieved the highest volume in sales every month since his hire.

In 2006, Jake joined Axiz Group. Under the guidance of the company owner, Joel Gross, he learned all about the promotional products industry. After realizing the industry was veering online, Jake convinced Joel to give him a small investment to start what we now know as Promodealer. Jake borrowed a book on HTML coding from a friend and brought in $10,000 on the first day the website was live. Within 2 years, Promodealer was generating over $5,000,000 per year in annual revenue with over 60,000 accounts and a 90% re-order rate. In 2008, he graduated from DePaul with a degree in Marketing.

Over the past 11 years, Promodealer has grown from 1 employee to 15 and caters to clients such as: Jack Links, Warner Bros, MillerCoors, Melia Hotels International, Fidelity Investments, the Super Bowl Hosting Committee, 5 Hour Energy, and many many more.

During this session at skucamp, Jake talked about how the client isn’t actually the most important person at the sales table; it’s actually the people representing your company: your sales team. And your sales team needs just as simple a process to sell your product as your clients need to buy it.

Many distributors over complicate, not only the customer journey but, the selling journey. It’s critical we understand the necessity of simplifying the process on both sides of the table.

In this session from skucamp, Jake discusses how a commitment to keeping things simple liberates your sales team and revolutionizes your business. Jake shares how to find bottlenecks in your selling process, simplifying the ordering, production, and communication process, creating a road map of the client journey, mapping the sales process and much more. You can download the PDF from Jake’s presentation, here.

Thank you to our content sponsor Snugz USA.

And if you missed skucamp this year, you can still catch some of that commonsku event vibe, intensity, learning, and magic at skucon on January 13th in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there!

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